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By leveraging the UtilizeCore network, paving companies will be able to keep track of their equipment & supplies ensuring that they’re ready for each job.

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  • Monthly Check-Ins

  • Companies

  • Work Orders Processed

  • Integrations


Empower Your Office Staff

Tools to automate workflow and turn your data entry
employees into analysts

Set up agreements with clients and subcontractors
Show what trades & services you perform for
Receive Service Requests and send Work Orders
Verify employee and subcontractor job check ins
Customize dashboards/reports
Send and receive purchase orders and manage inventory
Send and receive invoices and payments
Send and receive proposals
Subcontractor Compliance Monitoring

Empower Your Foremen

Provide the tools to solve problems faster

Check-in/out via GPS, take photos, add notes and record tasks
Create Proposals on the fly
Review and manage employee time stamps
Create work orders
Instant Messaging

Empower your Clients

Provide the tools to solve problems faster

Submit and track service requests
Accept and reject proposals in real time
View and pay invoices online.
View and manage service agreements
View deficiency reports
Site and Equipment management
Equipment Tagging

Simplify workflows with a single interface

For clients and subcontractors

GPS Check-In

GPS Check-In

Using the UtilizeCore FTC Mobile App, vendors will have the ability to check-in/check out of sites. Gain insight into when a job is pending, underway, or complete.

Equipment / Fleet Management

Equipment / Fleet Management

Fleet and equipment management have never been so easy.

Real - time proposal requests

Real - time proposal requests

Your vendors will have the ability to send proposal requests while on site using the FTC mobile application reducing the number of trips required to complete the job.

Inventory tracking

Inventory tracking

Make sure you have the necessary equipment ready to go with the Equipment module on the UtilizeCore platform.

COI & Compliance

COI & Compliance

Store all of your compliance information in a digital ledger. Use the central repository to show potential clients that you have all the necessary documentation to win the relationship.

Time Tracking

Time Tracking

Tracking vendor hours has never been easer. Be confident that you’re paying employees the right amount based on the time it takes to complete a service.

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Bill Clients Appropriately!

UtilizeCore’s mangement platform covers the entire workflow from service request down to material management. Leveraging the full scope of the platform, save time & money while focusing on bringing on more clients & generating more revenue for the company.

Keep track of the materials that being are used in paving so you can stay on top of the job cost and are ready to handle client requests. Automate your job setup using UtilizeCore Tools to help with tasks like estimation. Maintain a concrete understanding of your labor, material, and equipment cost per task.

UtilizeCore’s digital asset management partner will give you the ability to tag all of your equipment assets. This will give an in-depth activity history of each asset and provide you with enhanced reporting to maintain advanced service delivery.

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Connect to all facility and property management systems to seamlessly send/receive service requests and integrate with accounting applications to eliminate manual invoice uploads.

App Store MarketplaceApp Store MarketplaceApp Store MarketplaceApp Store Marketplace
App Store Marketplace

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