With UtilizeCore Task Management is as Easy as Using a Mobile App

UtilizeCore is a game-changing platform that has reshaped service management processes.

The software features a wide range of processes that streamlines and simplifies conventional communication channels and operations for cost-effective operations.

However, with the new normal, service management companies may see an increase in out-of-office situations with limited accessibility to the UtilizeCore web portal. Fortunately, the innovative UtilizeCore team has designed a mobile app that provides the same revolutionary services with unmatched consistency while vendors, employees, and clients are on the move.

With UtilizeCore Task Management

The UtilizeCore mobile app will help users seamlessly maintain their business vision, goals and objectives with optimized productivity without internet connectivity.

Refining Service Workflow

The UtilizeCore app is accessible from the user’s mobile device and functions easily with an intuitive interface. Service management companies can effortlessly cycle through various communication channels with clients, vendors, and employees with quick swipes and taps on the screen.

Portable access to UtilizeCore’s integrated communication channel provides users with greater control over time and resource management, delivering top service standards regardless of location. Additionally, the mobile app enables users to respond quickly to the real-time changes in a service request or customer report to provide the highest service standards with proactive operations.

UtilizeCore’s mobile app is available on the Apple and Google Play app stores, making it easily accessible to subcontractors and field workers. The user-friendly and intuitive mobile application requires no tutorial, enabling users to familiarize themselves with its features and immerse in quality remote task management without delay.

Staying Connected

UtilizeCore’s mobile app enables service management companies to connect with vendors, clients, and other contact points with improved reliability. Users will no longer depend on the availability of internet connectivity to send a report, drop an invoice, or check-in at a job site. With the mobile app, operations can run more smoothly with added accountability and undisrupted communication.

The mobile application can make a significant difference in emergency response or on-demand scenarios, where clients require prompt service deployment and support - for example, in areas of sudden snowstorms. Service management companies need an application they can rely on regardless of weather, location, or internet connectivity.

Service management companies can collate and deliver bulk service orders and have peace of mind that they reach the end points of recipients. Through the UtilizeCore mobile app, service technicians will have access to the latest orders to respond promptly to service requests and complete tasks within specified time-frames to maintain optimal client satisfaction levels. Additionally, vendors may submit invoices and receive payment without delay, which contributes to lasting professional relationships built on trust and productivity.

Running on Real-time Transparency

The UtilizeCore mobile app comes equipped with time-tracking capabilities that optimizes transparency between service management companies and vendors or on-site technicians. UtilizeCore’s time tracker module provides service managers with unmatched control and visibility in technician progress and ETAs.

Time tracker provides a real-time update on technician attendance, error reports, vendor check-ins, inventory management, and more, enabling users to have full understanding of their project status with remote capabilities. The invoice/payment tool comes with advanced features that enable users to manage, review, generate, and distribute invoices and bills per site for faster approval.

Multitasking Made Easy

The UtilizeCore mobile app provides users with the tools required in automating and expediting service management processes while on-site. Users can seamlessly edit and update project time stamps without fuss while supervising or performing verifications at the project location. Advanced built-in filters enable users to sort and record time stamps without tediously sieving through individual documents.

UtilizeCore provides modern service management companies with the digital technology of tomorrow to achieve optimized workflows. Speak with one of our team to learn how you can reshape and upgrade your current service management systems without downtime.

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