Optimizing Mobile Apps for Seamless Client and Vendor Management

Service management companies continuously find themselves in need of sustaining uninterrupted communications among clients and vendors. Rather than relying on a web-based communication platform (that depends on the quality of the local area network), companies can enjoy unmatched convenience with a portable digital solution.

Cellular data offers an instant connection to UtilizeCore’s suite of services to always fulfill time-sensitive operations.

UtilizeCore’s mobile application provides a one-stop HQ for communication needs, establishing seamless contact channels among subcontractors and clients.

Optimizing Mobile Apps

Improves Business Visibility

A mobile app will improve a service management company’s visibility to clients and vendors. While web-based programs get bookmarked and stowed away (and forgotten) in a net browser, the UtilizeCore app appears on the phone screen, making it highly accessible even when users are on the go.

The app icon reminds vendors and clients of the trusted service provider they can rely on (and reach out to) when in need.

Integrates Functions

The UtilizeCore application functions through a user-friendly interface that requires little training for users. Users may cycle through communication channels, deficiency reports, and an array of other features from the intuitive dashboard.

Additionally, the advanced interface comes equipped with the real-time Sisense data and analytics platform that significantly reduces the time taken to integrate, customize, migrate, and enhance existing service management tools. Users can benefit from the most dynamic data analytics at one of the lowest TCOs across industries from the comforts of their mobile device.

Optimizes Repairs and Maintenance

UtilizeCore registers and connects on-site service equipment to the platform’s database via NFC tags.  Users will receive prompt updates and notifications through the mobile app for quicker response, resulting in improved first-time fix rates and uptime while reducing the need for subsequent repairs.

The smart equipment data provides technicians with the detailed information required to diagnose and troubleshoot errors on-the-spot by scanning tags with their mobile. UtilizeCore provides and stores real-time data in the Cloud, with repair reports conveniently extractable for customer references, audits, and other service management purposes.

Enhances Collaborations

It can be challenging to find the right person for the right job - especially with autonomous subcontractors. There is so little information to go on with, and it’s always one company’s word against another’s. UtilizeCore’s mobile app eliminates the guesswork.

UtilizeCore app users have convenient access to a dynamic marketplace furnished with a regularly updated list of reputable subcontractors. The UtilizeCore team vets through each listing to narrow down to certified experts with verifiable experience for optimal collaboration outcomes.

The marketplace offers companies the speed advantage of initiating the first contact point consistently and reliably.  Service management companies will have the required human resources to scale according to each project’s unique demands.

Vendors/contractors registered in the UtilizeCore database have the freedom to upload their latest industrial certifications (licenses, W9s, etc.) and set up a polished company profile that improves their chances of acquiring more projects.

Reduces Operational Costs

According to McKinsey’s Global Institute Analysis, 50% of current work processes are automatable by adapting demonstrable technologies - as displayed through UtilizeCore’s multi-functional application. Experts project the automation trend will continue to grow as technical (value-adding) skills replace the need for manual (and non-cost-effective) processes and reduce working hours.

The UtilizeCore app provides users with built-in rules and automation to help users expedite manual or repetitive tasks, reducing operational costs by 30%. For example, clients will have the opportunity to deliver bulk service orders with effectual templates, and vendors can quickly finalize quotations and agreements based on past project policies instead of building them from scratch.

Empowers Users

UtilizeCore’s mobile system provides each user-type with greater control over their respective tasks and procedures. For example, client-users may conveniently submit job requests and review current, future, and previous project details and requirements. Vendors may immediately submit e-invoices or manage on-site attendance via the app’s offline functions such as GPS sign-ins, task selection menus, and photo-taking capabilities.

Through automated and empowered user practices, service management companies can improve business proficiencies with optimized communication and time management.

UtilizeCore - The Revolutionary Mobile App

UtilizeCore has supported and empowered over a dozen service management companies - including snow removal, plumbing, HVAC, and power washing companies. Rather than depending on bloated software at a high cost with scores of unwanted features, users can conveniently customize UtilizeCore according to their specific project needs.

Download UtilizeCore’s mobile app to learn how you can improve your service management operations from the comfort of your digital device. Let’s transform your business in revolutionary new ways to exceed the expectations of tomorrow.

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