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  • Companies

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Empower Your Office Staff

Equip team members with automation apparatus and make them analysts

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Build and configure a company profile within UtilizeCore Network
Receive Service Requests and send Work Orders
Verify employee and subcontractor job check-ins
Customize dashboards/ reports
Send and receive purchase orders and manage inventory
Send and receive invoices and payments
Send and receive proposals
Subcontractor Compliance Monitoring

Empower Your Crew Leaders

Provide the tools to solve problems faster

Check In/Out via GPS, take photos, add notes and record tasks
Create Proposals on the fly
Review and manage employee time stamps
Create work orders
Instant Messaging

Empower your Clients

Provide the tools to solve problems faster

Submit and track service requests
Accept and reject proposals in real time
View and pay invoices online.
View and manage service agreements
View deficiency reports
Site and Equipment management
Equipment Tagging

Simplify workflows with a single interface

For clients and subcontractors

Track your subcontractors progress in real time

Track your subcontractors progress in real time

GPS, check in and check out, as well as route optimization and verification.

Onsite Proposal capabilities

Onsite Proposal capabilities

Use the mobile application to easily generate and send proposals to your clients.

Irrigation system asset tagging

Irrigation system asset tagging

NFC and QR code tagging technology to provide insight and historical data.

Service Verification

Service Verification

Quick access to inspection and repair checklists as well as ability to take before & after service photos.

Material and Inventory tracking

Material and Inventory tracking

Manage your in-house and supplier purchased material and inventory lists.

Agreement Management

Agreement Management

Maintain and scale your preventative maintenance work order schedules.

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Landscape Made Easy!

UtilizeCore provides a business automation platform to manage all of your landscaping work from your clients all the way down to your subcontractors.

Via the UtilizeCore mobile app, leverage the on-site proposals module to empower your account managers to send proposals in real-time to the client creating more revenue opportunities for the company.

By automating the maintenance contract process, you will never have to worry about manually scheduling work orders. The system will dispatch work orders to your subcontractors and they can check-in/out in the mobile application. This leads to better managed contracts and vendors ultimately cutting costs for the organization.

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Connect to all facility and property management systems to seamlessly send/receive service requests and integrate with accounting applications to eliminate manual invoice uploads.

App Store MarketplaceApp Store MarketplaceApp Store MarketplaceApp Store Marketplace
App Store Marketplace

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