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  • Monthly Check-Ins

  • Companies

  • Work Orders Processed

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Empower Your Office Staff

Tools to automate workflow and turn your data entry
employees into analysts

Set up agreements with clients and subcontractors
Build your company profile within UtilizeCore
Receive Service Requests and send Work Orders
Verify employee and subcontractor job check ins
Customize dashboards/reports
Send and receive purchase orders and manage inventory
Send and receive invoices and payments
Send and receive proposals
Subcontractor Compliance Monitoring

Empower Your Supervisors

Give them efficient tool to report & manage workflow faster & better

Check In/Out via GPS, take photos, add notes and record tasks
Create Proposals on the fly
Review and manage employee time stamps
Create work orders
Instant Messaging

Empower your Clients

Give them efficient tool to solve problems faster

Submit and track service requests
Accept and reject proposals in real time
View and pay invoices online.
View and manage service agreements
View deficiency reports
Site and Equipment management
Equipment Tagging

Simplify workflows with a single interface

For clients and subcontractors

Time stamping

Time stamping

Collect accurate time stamps using GPS verification to manage time sheets and accurate pay your cleaners

Breadcrumbing tracking

Breadcrumbing tracking

Visualize the route taken by cleaners ensure optimal work day efficiency

Inspection tagging

Inspection tagging

Audit your cleaners’ job through UtilizeCore’s scoring system

Job Verification

Job Verification

Verify the job completed through inspection checklists and before/after service photos.

Background Check

Background Check

Hire safely and securily, making sure that no felonies have been commited prior.

GBAC Affiliate

GBAC Affiliate

UtilizeCore has teamed up with GBAC to help you better maintain Global Cleanliness Accreditation.

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Win More Janitorial Jobs!

Use UtilizeCore to provide better insight to your clients & win more jobs. By providing your janitors with an easy to use software solution which includes features such as breadcrumb tracking, time stamping & area tagging increase overall client satisfaction & you’ll have a leg up on the competition.

Job Validation

Leverage UtilizeCore’s digital asset management partner to effectively tag areas to provide job validation for you & your clients. You will have access to when the janitor arrives on-site, the path to completion, & when they complete the job. Leading to capture key insights per job to automate the job costing process.

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Connect to all facility and property management systems to seamlessly send/receive service requests and integrate with accounting applications to eliminate manual invoice uploads.

App Store MarketplaceApp Store MarketplaceApp Store MarketplaceApp Store Marketplace
App Store Marketplace

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