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Use UtilizeCore Stealth to build your own custom business automation solution. UtilizeCore Stealth is a high-level programming language for business applications. It is a UtilizeCore proprietary programming language with a long history, first developed in 1983.

Leverage UtilizeCore Stealth to ensure your companies business tools keep evolving and your organization isn’t stuck with an out of the box solution. Have the ability to completely re-design and develop any module on your UtilizeCore platform.

Core Sealt

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Our Software Enhancement Process

We know you have options, but your product deserves experts that will act as an extension of your team.

At UtilizeCore we view our clients as partners. Together, we create custom features and modules fueled by our combined experience.

UtilizeCore provides specialists throughout the strategy and design process.

  • Discovery & Scoping

    Discovery &

    (1 Day)

  • Understanding the Foundation (Phase 0)

    Understanding the
    Foundation (Phase 0)

    (Approx 30-60 days)

  • Configuring the Foundation (Phase 1)

    Configuring the
    Foundation (Phase 1)

    Build & Configure

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Process: Get it right the first time.
Analyze before implementing.
Advanced business process mapping

Business workflow analysis is a process in which we examine the progression of business workflows in order to improve efficiency.
The purpose for this analysis is to identify areas for improvement, for example: Bottlenecks, manual tasks or inefficient processes.

mapping imagemapping image

UtilizeCore streamlines your processes by improving workflows to ensure your contractors and employees are used efficiently, allowing you the ability to take on more work

We deliver in an Agile manner

These steps are monitored with precision to deliver
results quickly

We deliver in agile mannerWe deliver in agile mobile manner

If you are interested in hearing the testimonial please contact UtilizeCore support


If you are interested in hearing the testimonial please contact UtilizeCore support

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If you are interested in hearing the testimonial please contact UtilizeCore support

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