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Us Snow Pros
US Snow Pros, which has been around for 20 years, is a Coast to Coast snow removal organization with 24/7 snow and ice removal services for residents and businesses.
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US Snow Pros covers the lower 48 states providing services to Commercial & Industrial Properties, Apartment Communities, Office Properties, Retail & Shopping Malls, Healthcare / Hospitals & much more. Their extensive background in snow and ice management allows them to help their clients with preseason planning, snow emergency services, all the while providing round the clock on demand support to ensure everybody's needs are met in real time.


US Snow Pros were experiencing many challenges during their snow seasons. Due to the unpredictability of when a snow event was going to occur, they were always very reactive to the event. This made it challenging for them to notify their service providers in time of an event and therefore relied on trust that their partners would go to their client properties on time. Additionally, once their providers arrived on the site, they did not have a system in place to provide them with service verification based on the work that was being performed by the service provider in real time. This led to a lot of additional labor to be performed by the dispatch team - I.e, phone calls & text messages to ensure they were meeting the SLA’s set forth by their clients. Upon a storm completion, sending client receivables and validation vendor payable was another challenging process that took weeks on end to complete.

  • Manual processes
  • Limited visibility
  • No service verification
  • Cumbersome AP/AR processes


US Snow Pros was looking for a platform that can streamline their operation during a snow event. Ideally, they could be more proactive rather than reactive during the chaos of a snow storm. This would allow for them to provide their customers with a better overall experience which could lead to awarding more locations from that customer. Additionally, they were hoping to cut down the amount of time it takes to invoice their clients & verify their vendor invoices.


US Snow Pros partnered with UtilizeCore which helped improve the overall experience from their dispatch / operations team during a snowstorm. They were able to leverage the NOAA integration to forecast out when weather was going to be impacting their client locations. The bulk dispatch functionality created an easy way for the team to notify their providers on when to be on location for the snow event. The field mobile app allowed their service partners to check in / out of the location, providing them with real time visibility & updates on their status. Photos taken from the field also ensured that the provider was performing the work in the proper capacity. Lastly, they received automated Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable billing by leveraging the rate tables which live at each location. (I.e, TnM, Per Service, Per Task, Equipment TnM, Per Event). The UtilizeCore system allowed for US Snow Pros to get a better handle on their snow and now they can manage more locations with the same headcount.

  • Service verification
  • Geo-fence check in / out
  • Automated AP / AR
  • WeatherWorks integration for per event billing
  • NOAA integration for forecasting
  • Scalability
  • Subcontractor Compliance Monitoring