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UtilizeCore means 100% Vendor Compliance

Cushman & Wakefield serves as one of the leading commercial real estate firms in the world. Their Facility Management department leverages UtilizeCore to maintain the highest Vendor Compliance rating on the market. The enhanced Compliance Manager provided by the UtilizeCore platform ensures safe service delivery to their commercial property clients.

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  • Estimated More Vendors Onboarded


  • Estimated More Jobs Completed



Cushman & Wakefield PLC. provides commercial real estate services to companies around the world. Their headquarter is based in Chicago, Illinois, and they have 400 offices in 60 countries. They manage about 3.6 billion square feet of commercial space.

Case Study


Cushman & Wakefield was having trouble efficiently finding new vendors & they were experiencing difficulty managing existing vendors due to their lack of vendor management software. Their internal operating system did not have a centralized work order management hub to verify the services administered by their Vendor network & their clients had no way to view progress of projects or provide feedback into the quality of the work being completed. Additionally, there was no way for them to manage their vendor compliance and paperwork was constantly being lost or misplaced. Their work was spread across multiple platforms, which was unproductive and incapable of supporting growth.

  • Limited vendor network
  • Inefficient vendor management
  • Poor customer experience
  • Unproductive processes
  • Limited Compliance Management Tool


Cushman & Wakefield’s goal was to find and manage their existing vendors more efficiently, provide a better experience to their clients, and increase internal productivity.


Cushman & Wakefield implemented UtilizeCore after evaluating several platforms; as a result, they were able to create vendor and client portals which offer numerous management tools. Cushman & Wakefield gained the ability to manage their work orders in one place and receive information in real time. UtilizeCore’s compliance manager gave them the ability to keep a digital file cabinet of necessary Vendor documentation. Leveraging UtilizeCore’s advanced integration capabilities, Cushman & Wakefield was able to bring their complex workflow into a simplified single platform.

  • UtilizeCore’s all-in-one platform provided the ability to integrate with SalesLogix, and Cushman & Wakefield’s other external software solutions to improve process efficiency reducing overall costs for the company.
  • Creating a vendor portal made it easier to manage existing vendors & the UtilizeCore Business Network allowed them to expand their vendor network and handle more clients.
  • With their client portal Cushman & Wakefield empowered their clients, allowing them to track project progress, rate their experience, and provide feedback.
  • Automation eliminated repetitive and manual tasks, saving team members time so that they can focus on critical tasks.
Case Study