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East End Group

East End Group has over a decade of experience in Exterior Facility Services space. East End Group is a pioneer in the Snow and Ice Removal arena, while also offering services in Landscape Maintenance, Telecom, and Parking Lot Maintenance. By introducing UtilizeCore to East End Group, East End Group has been able to scale their business operations across multiple trades into the greater Northeast - all while providing a consistent level of service.

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East End Group prides themselves on their clients being able to take advantage of obtaining multiple services under one contract with a single point of contact, making it seamless for the client, without administrative headaches. They are headquartered in Yaphank, New York and service locations from Southern New Jersey through Northern Connecticut.


East End Group originally faced numerous challenges. In addition to their grueling manual processes, the ever increasing demand for service verification from their clients was beginning to become overwhelming. Their internal systems were simply not designed to manage their client’s demands leading to over-committed employees who spent their days completing manual tasks. The lack of organization resulted in operational data getting lost in the shuffle. Coupled with the lack of a dedicated client portal, their clients were beginning to grow increasingly frustrated with the lack of transparency.

  • Manual processes
  • Inefficient service verification
  • Inefficient reporting
  • Lack of transparency with their clients


East End Group’s number one goal was to implement an end to end solution to streamline their own internal operation, but also be able to share updates and completed services with their clients in real time. In short, they wanted to increase the efficiency of their day to day operations and enhance transparency for their clients.


UtilizeCore’s end to end automation solution has helped East End Group in achieving their goal to deliver increase operational efficiency while providing real time updates to their clients. East End Group was able to insert their workflow into UtilizeCore to help them automate their day-to-day operations which in turn increased the efficiency of their team members, ultimately leading to their expansion into new territories and trades. UtilizeCore’s integration with NOAA weather forecasting system empowered East End’s team to provide quality and timely service at all 1000+ locations of theirs. The client portal enabled real time transparency into the service that was being completed. The real-time client dashboards lead to decreased call volumes during major weather events, freeing up even more time for the operations team. Overall East End Group has positively changed the way they operate their business by using UtilizeCore. The efficiencies gained through UtilizeCore have allowed for expansion opportunities otherwise not thought possible.

  • Increase in productivity
  • Automation
  • Reminders and alerts
  • Weather alerts
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Transparency and monitoring
  • Consistent SOPs