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RAEL National

RAEL National Fire Protection provides inspection, maintenance and repair service to thousands of buildings across the United States. Emergency service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We handle all Fire Department violations including five-year standpipe, sprinkler and residential flow testing. RAEL Fire Extinguisher we test, inspect and maintain fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems, exit lighting, AED and first aid kits to NFPA standards at all times. Other services include fire and life safety inspections and risk assessments, fire drills and training. We are fully compliant with all NYFD and NJFD regulations, and many more, and all services are completed by the guidelines set forth in the NFPA 10 Standard.

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RAEL National is a fourth-generation full-service fire protection company that has been providing uninterrupted design, installation, inspection, maintenance, testing, and repair services for over 80 years. The trusted name in turnkey fire protection installation for the most challenging high-profile commercial, sports, institutional, residential, hotel and infrastructure projects.


RAEL National was using multiple on-premise hosted software applications to manage their entire operation. The team members in the back office, the salespersons in the front office and the subcontractors in the field were all disconnected. RAEL National had troubles with managing repair work orders and inspection contracts. The organization was stuck in email communication, manual tasks, and an extremely large amount of paperwork in a technology forward society. Their customers were demanding better reporting which was accessible to them 24/7. Ultimately, RAEL was unable to grow their business at the rate desired.

  • Higher operating costs
  • Manual and time-consuming processes
  • Ineffective team management
  • Lagging behind in the market
  • Lack of Client Transparency
  • Inefficient vendor management
  • Inefficient Technicians
  • Non-existent digital asset management


RAEL National’s president had a goal to build a single platform for his clients to perform their own monthly, quarterly, semi and annual inspections on and generate deficiency service work and submitted it directly to his multiple fire life safety service companies to accept, execute, report and invoice to allow the business to become a market leader at economies of scale.


RAEL National partnered with UtilizeCore and received a highly configurable end to end fire life safety platform. RAEL’s National’s clients will have access to subscribe to the platform through their RAEL National account executive or can self-serve through the UtilizeCore client portal. This provides RAEL Nationals clients with dashboards containing key KPIs as well as complete transparency into the inspections and repairs performed on-site by RAEL’s partner network. RAEL National was able to integrate digital asset tags through a UtilizeCore app store partner so they can submit / review service requests directly from the broken asset. RAEL National team members can now work cohesively in one single platform & provide / manage service nationwide. The back office, front office, and subcontractors in the field now operate in sync leading to better operations, enhanced AR/AP, employee satisfaction. Naturally, sales increased and RAEL National was back to winning the most coveted jobs across the US. The optimized dispatch board created better understanding and management of their partners located all around the US. The integrated invoicing module created faster billing and less work for AR/AP. The agreement module allowed team members to automate their work order creation and dispatch, as well as providing automated invoicing shipped directly to their clients inbox. RAEL National is now able to deliver proper automated reporting for NFPA, NYFD, NY Port Authority, and many more. The robust reporting module not only generates reports but UtilizeCore has implemented a configurable HTML builder to allow RAEL National team members to create any type of report they could ever need. Aforementioned partner of UtilizeCore allows subcontractors to also become tagnicians. The NFC + QR Code technology asset tags made equipment more meaningful. Equipment history and equipment analytics gives deep insight into the health of the building, while keeping digital records stored for easy access.

  • Automation
  • Reduced operating cost
  • Single platform for all their work
  • Real-time tracking and monitoring
  • Modernized invoice, work order, and proposal management
  • Client management and transparency
  • Support for remote work
  • Simplified team member and vendor management
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Custom and automated reporting
  • Centralized Dispatch Board increased sales