Platform Revolutionizing Service Management and IFM Businesses,!

Service management and IFMs serve as vital bridges between customers and service companies. As such, it is necessary for service management companies to be equipped with the most effective toolkit for maximum efficiency. The solution lies in speeding up and improving the convenience of communication through the most user-friendly digital platform.

Service management companies deal with multiple jobs each day and it can be a real challenge for them to keep a manual tab on each case. Also, human errors are known to cause the occasional omission and service delay. This is a problem that can be deftly avoided with the implementation of an intuitive digital end to end platform.

Additionally, service management companies must receive timely feedback on the experience of all parties involved in a transaction - including customers and service providers. This will help shape and improve future offerings and business handling methods to book the best experience each time.

Core Sealth
Core Sealth

UtilizeCore is the revolutionary service broker platform that promises a suite of unparalleled advancements in the management of client-vendor brokerage. The cloud-based software offers systematic scalability, user-friendliness, and optimized accessibility that will boost existing infrastructures.

User-friendly Platform

Brokers have the convenience of managing every job from the comforts of their UtilizeCore mobile application. The one-stop communication hub enables brokers to contact service providers, customers, and confirm completed jobs by snapping and uploading visual proof. And that is merely the tip of the iceberg.

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UtilizeCore’s main draw lies behind its portmanteau of automated features, which have been proven to reduce operational costs by as much as 30%. This results in more satisfied service providers and improved working relationships with brokers.

Seamless Payments

UtilizeCore’s mobile platform is accessible anywhere and at any time. Brokers will be able to manage entire transactions in real-time, with built-in notifications and trackable communications to provide a comprehensive overview of each transaction. This enables brokers to manage multiple payments without omission while securing payment information for future references and auditing purposes. Recurring bills can be handled in a fuss-free manner, through built-in features such as tax conversions and prorations.

The application’s integrated payment feature also enables the acceptance and rejection of job proposals, invoice management, and revenue tracking. UtilizeCore provides a comprehensive modern solution for tedious calculations and bookkeeping so brokers can focus on seeking new business opportunities.

Unparalleled Transparency

UtilizeCore facilitates the management of transparent and trust-based business relationships. Brokers will gain access to a highly detailed matching system that enables them to discover, vet, and assess sub-contractors prior to engagement.

The system’s expert analytics offers a database of business information, which includes service history, feedback/reviews, and company background. All information is synced in real-time to provide an accurate 360 view of each service company. This will help brokers browse and select the most reliable service partners to achieve the most productive collaborations.

Increases Revenue

The platform provides brokers with expert analytics such as deficiency reports, and client/vendor breakdowns. These will serve as valuable tools in increasing long-term revenue and expanding a network of healthy collaborations. Regardless of the professional field, be it plumbing, HVAC, or electric works, UtilizeCore provides relevant data to facilitate profitable decisions.

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Fuss-free Integration

UtilizeCore is conveniently integrated into the existing platforms currently used by most business partners, through popular systems such as ServiceChannel, FMPilot, Corrigo, Quickbooks, and HubSpot. Brokers can expect minimal downtime or disruption in their transition to the UtilizeCore solution.

The Digital age is rapidly advancing with novel complexities, which is why UtilizeCore believes in equipping brokers with the proper tools for the job. Contact our team of specialists to learn how UtilizeCore can optimize your brokerage operations to suit the ever-evolving digitized climate.

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