Enhance Transparency and Productivity by Leveraging Multi-tasking Software Abilities

Multi-tasking is commonly seen as a bad thing since humans only have one brain and body, with "concentration" being a preciously limited resource. Research has shown that multitasking leads to a 40% dip in productivity. Some experts have rejected the notion of multitasking, instead referring to the process as switch-tasking or background tasking.

While it is beyond doubt that the human body has neurological limitations - the same cannot be said for sophisticated digital technology.

Enhance Transparency

The rapid-paced digital world has resulted in the innovation of multitasking programs that function reliably through pre-set binary algorithms, functions, and rules. A workflow automation platform like UtilizeCore exemplifies the concept, enabling businesses to operate at upgraded performance with true multitasking capabilities.

Multitasking Made Possible

UtilizeCore provides service management companies with real-time access and control over various data-supported operations from within a single platform. For example, snow removal companies can rely on the platform’s integrated API that connects with the NOAA’s (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) weather-reporting capabilities. 

Service managers will no longer need to juggle weather report generation, on-site weather forecast, or await client service requests. Through UtilizeCore’s access to real-time data, managers can receive the latest information on accumulated snow depth, affected areas, and job statuses to provide more proactive responses.

Additionally, the software comes with intuitive functions for service companies to plan and upload bulk work orders for automated scheduling and dispatching. Vendors and tradesmen can receive the latest batches of service requests without downtime or manual allocation. The workflow automation platform provides service management companies with the tools to handle multiple tedious tasks with improved quality, productivity, and feedback.

Empowering Staff

The daily duties of service management staff may assume many forms - through verifying/ onboarding vendor check-ins, sending work orders, and facilitating agreements between clients and vendors. Each process requires a dedicated set of hours and tasks that takes up time. The UtilizeCore platform serves as a mostly automated system where clients, vendors, and service management staff take charge of their respective roles through transparent and clear communication.

Vendors may conveniently submit their invoices upon job completion, receive service requests and send bulk work orders that fulfil every service level agreement (SLA). Service management companies have access to detailed deficiency reports to help address and rectify problems in real-time. Through guided collaboration, service management companies can practically multitask through receiving, managing, and getting paid for work.

Seamless Communication Channels

Communication is one vital aspect of multitasking. However, service managers may struggle with attending to multiple quality relationships due to time and physical limitations. Additionally, cycling and alternating through various contact mediums may lead to miscommunications and compromised collaborations. UtilizeCore’s highly intuitive software enables users to maintain transparent and effective communication at all times through a variety of built-in features.

These functions include real-time proposal tracking, invoice generation, site and equipment management, and equipment tagging that optimizes fix rates for maximum productivity. Managers can look forward to a boost in account management across the board - leading to faster payments and improved customer acquisition.

Optimizing Time Management

UtilizeCore’s platform enables users to manage their most complex communication channels and data management through a reliable one-stop solution. While traditional service management environments may restrict multitasking capabilities, digitization offers automated processes that reduce operational cost by as much as 30% while maximizing service output and standards. Through UtilizeCore, service management companies can connect with vendors, clients, and employees with added efficiency - all at once and without delay.

UtilizeCore is the game-changing service management platform that integrates your most essential tasks within a single contact point. Expect easy access to data-driven features that will enhance your operations. Contact the team today for a demo and find out how you can digitally optimize your business with unmatched convenience and consistency.

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